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“Mahdieh Navabi”

IPM Positions

Research Assistant , School of Astronomy

Research Interests

Star formation History


Visiting 2019 Visitor in International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). Attendance 2018 5th International Solar Neutrino Conference, TU Dresden, Germany. 2019 The Life and Death of Star-forming galaxies, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), Australia.

Research Activities

We have observed Cassiopeia galaxy (Andromeda VII) using infrared multi-epochs with the Isaac Newton Telescope (INT) to identify Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars. AGB stars are cool at the end of their evolution and their luminosities reach to maximum in the lifetime, therefore directly reveal their birth mass by employing theoretical evolutionary tracks (isochrones). Due to the changing temperature, AGB stars vary on timescales of months to years and their brightness alteration at optical wavelengths extend to the largest amplitudes. Hence, we have taken the 10 epochs from And VII during the period 2015-2017 at V and i band spaced by a month or more, using (INT)/ WFC Camera in 34�9 arc-min square, to obtain comprehensive data from AGB stars with the lowest effect of dust. we have done PSF photometry to all stars discovered by a threshold related to the local sky background noise. Therefore a catalog of 15000 stars in common fields of CCD4 in different nights was manufactured that 30 of these stars show the characteristics of long period variables (LPVs), most of which are AGB stars. It is the first optical catalog of AND VII that determine the LPVs from monitoring. Therefore, this authorizes us to extract the star formation history (SFH) of the galaxy from the LPVs that are placed at the end of isochrones over ages from 30 Myr to 10 Gyr. Also, our data were matched to the catalog of Spitzer Space Telescope and Sloan Digita

Present Research Project at IPM

From monitoring survey of variable red giant stars in Andromeda VII to the evolution
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