“Sahar Alipour”

Tel:  021-22835061
Fax:  021-22835058

IPM Positions

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Nano Science
(2016 - 2018 )

Research Interests

Quantum Information, Quantum Computation, Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems, Quantum Thermodynamics, Quantum Metrology/Estimation, Quantum Tomography, Quantum Correlations, Quantum Control Theory, Manybody Quantum Systems, Quantum Phase Transitions.

Related Papers

1. S. Marcantoni, S. Alipour, F. Benatti, R. Floreanini and A. Rezakhani
Entropy production and non-Markovian dynamical maps
Scientific Reports 7 (2017), 12447  [abstract]
2. S. Alipour, M. Krenn and A. Zeilinger
Quantum gate description for induced coherence without induced emission and related phenomena
Phys. Rev. A 96 (2017), 042317  [abstract]
3. S. Alipour, D. Chruscinski, P. Facchi, G. Marmo, S. Pascazio and A. T. Rezakhani
Dynamical Algebra of Observables in Dissipative Quantum Systems
J. Phys. A 50 (2017), 065301-1  [abstract]
4. M. Ghalaii, M. Afsary, S. Alipour and A. Rezakhani
Quantum imaging with undetected photons as ancilla-assisted process tomography
Phys. Rev. A 94 (2016), 042102(1-9)  [abstract]
5. S. Alipour, F. Benatti, F. Bakhshinezhad, M. Afsary, S. Marcantoni and A. Rezakhani
Correlations in quantum thermodynamics: Heat, work, and entropy production
Scientific Reports 6 (2016), 35568(1-14)  [abstract]
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