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“Vahid Rezaei Tabar”


IPM Positions

Non Resident Researcher, School of Biological Sciences
(2007 - Present )

Related Papers

1. P. Urban, V. Rezaeitabar, G. Bokota, . Denkiewicz, . Basu and . Plewczy�?ski
Dendritic Spines Taxonomy: the functional and structural classification. Time-dependent probabilistic model of neuronal activation
Journal of Computational Biology (Accepted) [abstract]
2. R. Aghdam, V. Rezaei Tabar and H. Pezeshk
Some Node Ordering Methods for the K2 Algorithm
Computational Intelligence DOI: 10.1111/coin.12182 (2018), 1-17  [abstract]
3. V. Rezaei Tabar and H. Pezeshk
Generalized Profile Hidden Markov Model (PHMM) based on the Dependency between sequences
Progress in Biological Sciences 6 (2016), 117-127 10.22059/PBS.2016.590014  [abstract]
4. V. Rezaei Tabar, F. Eskandari and S. Salimi
A novel node ordering method using L1-regularized Markov Blanket and modified likelihood reduction factor for the K2 algorithm
pattern recognition letter (inProgress) [abstract]
5. S. Salimi and V. Rezaei Tabar
Learning Bayesian Network Structure using Markov Blanket in K2 Algorithm
Statistical ideas 21 (2016), 1-12  [abstract]
6. V.Rezaei. , S. Naghizadeh. , H. Pezeshk. , M. Sadeghi. and C. Eslahchi.
Comparison of the bidirectional Baum-Welch algorithm and the Baum-Welch algorithm on regular lattice
Progress in Biological Sciences 2 (2013), 14-22  [abstract]
7. V.Rezaei. , H. Pezeshk. , M. Sadeghi. and C. Eslahchi.
Assignment Of Protein Sequences To Protein Family Profiles Using Spatial Statistics.
MATCH Communication in Methematical and in Computer Chemistry 69 (2013), 7-24  [abstract]
8. V.Rezaei. Rezaie, H. Pezeshk and H.Pérez-Sa'nchez.
Generalized Baum-Welch Algorithm Based On The Similarity Between Sequences.
Plos One 8 (2013), e80565  [abstract]
9. V.Rezaei. , M. Mohamadzadeh. and H.Pezeshk.
Comparison Between Spatial Statistics Model And Bidirectional Hidden Markov Model For Assignment Of Protein Sequences
Iranian Statistical Conference (2012), 511-517  [abstract]
10. S. Naghizadeh. , V. Rezaei. , H.Pezeshk. and D. Matthews.
A Modified Hidden Markov Model And Its Application In Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
Proteomics Bioinform 5 (2012),   [abstract]
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