“Karim Rajaei”


IPM Positions

Ph.D. Student, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2014 - 2019
(from 2012 to 2014 as non-resident researcher))

Research Activities

Since 2011, I am working in the field of visual object recognition. I am currently doing my Ph.D. (since 2014) under the supervision of Dr. Seyed khaligh-Razavi and Dr. Reza Ebrahimpour. During my doctoral research, we used different methods including MEG brain-imaging and computational modeling to investigate the role of recurrent processing in object recognition under challenging conditions.
I am very interested to study in philosophy of mind as a next step.

Related Papers

1. K. Rajaei, Y. Mohsenzadeh, R. Ebrahimpour and S. Khaligh-Razavi
Beyond Core Object Recognition: Recurrent processes account for object recognition under occlusion
PLOS Computational Biology (Accepted) [abstract]
2. K. Rajaei, Y. Mohsenzadeh, R. Ebrahimpour and S.M. Khaligh Razavi
The essential role of recurrent processing during object recognition under occlusion
( In: 18th Annual Vision Sciences Society Meeting, being held May 18th - May 23rd, 2018 in St. Pete Beach, Florida, USA.)
3. A. Farzmahdi, K. Rajaei, M. Ghodrati, R. Ebrahimpour and S. Khaligh-Razavi
A specialized face-processing model inspired by the organization of monkey face patches explains several face-specific phenomena observed in humans
Scientific Reports 6 (2016), 1-17  [abstract]
4. M. Ghodrati, K. Rajaei and R. Ebrahimpour
The importance of visual features in generic vs. specialized object recognition: a computational study
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (2014), 1-15  [abstract]
5. M. Ghodrati, A. Farzmahdi, K. Rajaei, R. Ebrahimpour and M. Khaligh-Razavi
Feedforward object-vision models only tolerate small image variations compared to human
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 8 (2014), 1-17  [abstract]
6. S. zabbah, K. Rajaei, A. Mirzaei, R. Ebrahimpour and M. Khaligh-Razavi
The impact of the lateral geniculate nucleus and corticogeniculate interactions on efficient coding and higher-order visual object processing
Vision Research 101 (2014), 82-93  [abstract]
7. . Rajaei, . Khaligh-Razavi, . Ghodrati, . Ebrahimpour and . Shiri Ahmad Abadi
A stable biologically motivated learning mechanism for visual feature extraction to handle facial categorization
Plos One 7 (2012), 1-12  [abstract]
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