“Masoud Ghodrati”


IPM Positions

Resident Researcher, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2011 - 2014 )

Related Papers

1. A. Farzmahdi, K. Rajaei, M. Ghodrati, R. Ebrahimpour and S. Khaligh-Razavi
A specialized face-processing model inspired by the organization of monkey face patches explains several face-specific phenomena observed in humans
Scientific Reports 6 (2016), 1-17  [abstract]
2. M. Ghodrati, K. Rajaei and R. Ebrahimpour
The importance of visual features in generic vs. specialized object recognition: a computational study
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (2014), 1-15  [abstract]
3. M. Ghodrati, A. Farzmahdi, K. Rajaei, R. Ebrahimpour and M. Khaligh-Razavi
Feedforward object-vision models only tolerate small image variations compared to human
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 8 (2014), 1-17  [abstract]
4. . Mirzaei, . Khaligh-Razavi, . Ghodrati, . Zabbah and . Ebrahimpour
Predicting the human reaction time based on natural image statistics in a rapid categorization task
Vision Research 81 (2013), 36-44  [abstract]
5. . Rajaei, . Khaligh-Razavi, . Ghodrati, . Ebrahimpour and . Shiri Ahmad Abadi
A stable biologically motivated learning mechanism for visual feature extraction to handle facial categorization
Plos One 7 (2012), 1-12  [abstract]
6. M. Ghodrati, M. Khaligh-Razavi, R. Ebrahimpour, K. Rajaei and M. Pooyan
How can selection of biologically inspired features improve the performance of a robust object recognition model?
Plos One 7 (2012), 1-15  [abstract]
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