“Ali Borji”


IPM Positions

Ph.D. Student, School of Cognitive Sciences
(2004 - 2009 )

Related Papers

1. A. Borji, M. Nili Ahmadabadi and B. Araabi
Cost-sensitive learning of top-down modulation for attentional control
Machine Vision & Applications 22 (2011), 61-76  [abstract]
2. A. Borji, M. Nili Ahmadabadi, B. Nadjar Arabi and M. Hamidi
Online learning of task-driven object-based visual attention control
Image and Vision Computing 28 (2010), 1130-1145  [abstract]
3. . Hamidi and . Borji
Invariance analysis of modified C2 features: case study?handwritten digit recognition
Machine Vision & Applications 21 (2010), 969-979  [abstract]
4. A. Borji, M. Nilli Ahmadabadi and B. Nadjar Araabi
Learning Sequential Visual Attetion Control Through Dynamic State Space Descritization
( In: ICRA 09, Kobe, Japan,)
5. . Borji and . Hamidi
A New Approach to Global Optimization Motivated by Parliamentary Political Competitions
IJICIC 5 (2009), 1643-1653  [abstract]
6. . Borji and M.Z. Jahromi
Evolving Weighting Functions For Query Expansion Based on Relevance Feedback
( In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, APWEB)
7. A. Borji, M. Nilli Ahmadabadi and B. Nadjar Araabi
Learning Object-based Attention Control
( In: NIPS workshop on )
8. A. Borji, M. Nilli and B. Araabi
Interactive Learning of Top-down Attention Control and Motor Actions
( In: IROS workshop on ?From motor to interaction learning in robots)
9. . Borji
A Synthetic Face Generation Toolbox for Face Perception Psychophysics Studies
(2008),   [abstract]
10. A. Borji, M. Nilli Ahmadabadi and B. Nadjar Araabi
Learning top-down Feature Based Attention Control
( In: ECCV Workshop on Vision in Action: Efficient Strategies for Cognitive Agents in Complex Environments)
11. . Borji
Eye Movement Prediction in Visual Interactive Environments Considering Physical Actions
( In: AVA Annual Meeting, Manchester University, UK)
12. . Borji
A New Synthetic Face Generation Method for Gender Discrimination
( In: Seventeenth Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS, USA)
13. . Borji
A New Method for Synthetic Face Generation Using Spline Curves
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5329 (2008), 14-23  [abstract]
14. . Borji
Heuristic function optimization inspired by social competitive behaviors
Journal of Applied Sciences 8 (2008), 2105-2111  [abstract]
15. . Borji, . Hamidi and . Mahmoudi
Robust handwritten character recognition with features inspired by visual ventral stream
Neural Processing Letters 8 (2008), 97-111  [abstract]
16. . Borji
A New Global Optimization Algorithm Inspired by Parliamentary Political Competitions
( In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, MICAI)
17. . Borji
Combining Heterogeneous Classifiers for Network Intrusion Detection
( In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Asian)
18. . Borji, . Hamidi and A.M. Eftekhari Moghadam
CLPSO-based Fuzzy Color Image Segmentation
( In: Annual Conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society - NAFIPS)
19. . Borji and . Hamidi
Support Vector Machines for Persian Font recognition
( In: International Conference on Computer, Electrical, Systems Science, and Engineering (CESSE 2007), Prague, Czech Republic July)
20. . Hamidi, . Borji and . Mahmoudi
Human Vision Inspired Optical Character Recognition
( In: The Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages (ASL), Linguistic Institute Stanford University)
21. . Hamidi, . Borji and . Shiry Ghidary
Persian Word Sense Disambiguation
( In: Proceeding of 15th Iranian Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (ICEE 2007))
22. . Borji and . Lucas
Evolutionary Design of Gabor Filters with Application to Writer Identification
( In: Proceeding of 12th International CSI Computer Conference CSICC 07)
23. . Borji, . Esmaeili, . Basseda and . Zadbood
Using Spline Curves for Generating Synthetic Faces
24. . Baseda, . Borji, . Esmaeili and . Zadbood
Evaluating Temporal Dynamics of Different Facial Information in Face Perception
( In: )
25. . Borji and . Borji
Better Visual Short-term-memory Retrieval for Opposite-gender Names
26. A. Borji and M. Hamidi
Optical character recognition motivated by Primate Visual System
Neural Network World 16 (2007), 433-445  [abstract]
27. A. Lak and . Borji
Red Is Retained Efficiently In Human Visual Working Memory
( In: ECVP 2006, August 2006, St-Petersburg, Russia, PERCEPTION 35)
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