“Sohrab Shahzadi”


IPM Positions

Faculty Member , School of Cognitive Sciences
(1997 - 2013 )

Related Papers

1. F. Khadjevand, S. Shahzadi and A. Abbasian
Reduction of negative afterimage duration in parkinson's disease patients: A possible role for dopaminergic deficiency in the retinal interplexiform sell layer
Vision 50 (2010), 279-283  [abstract]
2. P. Pakarian, SM. Rayegani and S. Shahzadi
Effect of Vim thalamic DBS in Parkinson's disease on F wave duration
NEUROSCI LETT 367 (2004), 323-326  [abstract]
3. M. Omrani, M.A. Khoshnoodi, P. Pakarian, A. Abbasian and S. Shahzadi
Resistance of Peripheral and Sub-Cortical Somatosensory pathway to Electrical Noise
SOMATOSENS MOT RES 21 (2004), 155-158  [abstract]
4. P. Pakarian, M. Raygani and S. Shahzadi
The Effect of Electrical Stimulation of Thalamic Vim Nucleus on the Parameters of F-Wave
( In: IBRO)
5. A. Abbasian, S. Shahzadi, P. Pakarian and M. Omrani
Tactile Discrimination Task Disturbed by Neither Median Nerve Stimulation Nor Parkinson's Disease
( In: Experimental Neurobiology)
6. A.H. Abbasian, S. Shahzadi, S.R. Afraz, A. Fazl and F. Moradi
Tactile Discrimination Task Not Disturbed by Thalamic Stimulation
Stereo tactic and Functional Neurosurgery 76 (2001), 19-28  [abstract]
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