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           11:00 - 12:00     Wednesday Weekly Seminar-google meet
Holographic mutual information and critical exponents of strongly coupled plasma


Abstract: In this talk we use holography to discuss entanglement entropy and mutual information in a strongly coupled field theory with a critical point and see whether we can obtain the critical exponents using mutual information. This talk is based on e-Print: 2002.09993 [hep-th].

Indico: https://indico.particles.ipm.ir/indico/event/404 ...

           15:30 - 17:30     Mathtematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Partitions of Well-founded Trees and Three Connections with Model Theory


in 2003, Komjath and Shelah proved a partition theorem on scattered order types; these in turn could be understood as partition relations for classes of well-founded trees. Recently, two different kinds of applications of the same partition relation have been used in infinitary logic and in model theory: one by Vaananen and Velickovic on games related to Shelah's logic $L^1_kappa$, another by Shelah and myself on the canonical treea of an AEC (a generalization of the Scott sentence for an abstract elementary class). I will describe the Komjath-Shelah result in the first part and then narrow in the applications (with more details on the second ...

           18:00 - 19:30     Weekly Seminar (Online)
Black Holes in Modified Gravitation (MOG)


A regular rotating MOG (modified gravity) compact object is derived that reduces to the Kerr black hole when the parameter ? = 0. Physical consequences of the dark compact object, which is regular everywhere in spacetime for ? > ?_crit = 0.674 and is a rotating Kerr-MOG black hole for ? < ?_crit are investigated.steps. ...

           19:30 - 20:30     Mathematics Colloquium
Set-Theoretic Complete Intersections and Local Cohomology


A variety $V$ of codimension $r$ in a projective space $mathbb{P}^n$ is called a set-theoretic complete intersection if $V$, as a set, is the intersection of exactly $r$ hypersurfaces in $mathbb{P}^n$. I will discuss the history of the general problem, which varieties $V$ are s.t.c.i., with special attention to the still open problem, is every irreducible nonsingular curve in $mathbb{P}^3$ a set-theoretic complete intersection? In particular I will mention several algebraic criteria, including local cohomology that can in principle be used to show that certain varieties are not s.t.c.i.
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