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           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
HEPCo Group
Coadjoint Orbits of Gravitational Edge Modes



I will be presenting a recent work based on collaboration with W. Donnelly, L. Freidel, and A. Speranza on the coadjoint orbits of the gravitational edge modes. I will first describe the edge modes of gravity and their symmetry group. Then, the classification of coadjoint orbits of the symmetry group will be presented, which is necessary to understand the quantization problem in the approach based on physical symmetries of subregions. In the process of understanding coadjoint orbits of the symmetry group, a curious connection to the symmetry group of ideal barotropic fluids emerges, which I briefly describe. Furthe ...

           19:00 - 21:00     IPM-SUT Joint IRQM Webinars on Quark matter and Relativistic hydrodynamics
Hydrodynamics of spin currents


Abstract: Collective spin motion has been playing an increasingly prominent role both in high energy and condensed matter physics, especially after the observation of global polarization of $Lambda$ hyperons in heavy ion collisions and generation of spin currents in liquid helium. In this talk I will explain how to construct the theory of spin hydrodynamics, that is, relativistic hydrodynamics comprised of the spin current and the stress tensor. We then apply this to heavy ions and find surprisingly good agreement with data. If time permits, I will also present a holographic approach to spin currents employing the Lovelock-Chern-Simons theory ...