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Paper   IPM / P / 8933
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  Title:   Bohmian Approach to Spin-Dependent Time of Arrival for Particles in a Uniform Field and for Particles Passing Through a Barrier
1.  S.V. Mousavi
2.  M. Golshani
  Status:   Published
  Journal: J. Phys. A
  No.:  9
  Vol.:  41
  Year:  2008
  Pages:   375304
  Supported by:  IPM
The de Broglie?Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics with and without spin-dependence is used to determine electron trajectories, arrival-time distribution of electrons and the mean arrival time of spin−1/2 particles (including electrons) in the presence of a uniform field and a barrier separately. The difference for the mean arrival times, which are calculated with different guidance equations, is examined versus mass of the arriving particle and versus group velocity of the arriving electron wave packet and also versus the width of the barrier. Numerical calculations show that these differences are of the order of 10−18?10−17 s. Another feature of the modified guidance lawis that Bohmian trajectories cross each other, but this does not contradict the single-valuedness of the wavefunction.

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