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Paper   IPM / Nano-Sciences / 16993
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  Title:   Noncentral forces mediated between two inclusions in a bath of active Brownian rods
1.  M. Sebtosheikh
2.  Ali Naji
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Scientific Reports
  Vol.:  11
  Year:  2021
  Pages:   23100
  Supported by:  IPM
Using Brownian Dynamics simulations, we study effective interactions mediated between two identical and impermeable disks (inclusions) immersed in a bath of identical, active (self-propelled), Brownian rods in two spatial dimensions, by assuming that the self-propulsion axis of the rods may generally deviate from their longitudinal axis. When the self-propulsion is transverse (perpendicular to the rod axis), the accumulation of active rods around the inclusions is significantly enhanced, causing a more expansive steric layering (ring formation) of the rods around the inclusions, as compared with the reference case of longitudinally self-propelling rods. As a result, the transversally self-propelling rods also mediate a significantly longer ranged effective interaction between the inclusions. The bath-mediated interaction arises due to the overlaps between the active-rod rings formed around the inclusions, as they are brought into small separations. When the self-propulsion axis is tilted relative to the rod axis, we find an asymmetric imbalance of active-rod accumulation around the inclusion dimer. This leads to a noncentral interaction, featuring an anti-parallel pair of transverse force components and, hence, a bath-mediated torque on the dimer.

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