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“School of Physic”

Paper   IPM / Physic / 15888
   School of Physics
  Title: Supersymmetric Continuous Spin Gauge Theory
  Author(s): M. Najafizadeh
  Status: Preprint
  Year: 2019
  Supported by: IPM
Taking into account the Schuster-Toro action and its fermionic analogue discovered by us, we supersymmetrize unconstrained formulation of the continuous spin gauge field theory. Afterwards, building on the Metsaev actions, we supersymmetrize constrained formulation of the theory. In each formulation, we provide supersymmetry transformations for the N=1 supermultiplet in four-dimensional flat space-time, in which continuous spin particle (CSP) is considered to be a complex scalar continuous spin field, and its superpartner which can be called " CSPino " is considered to be a Dirac continuous spin field. It is shown that the algebra of these supersymmetry transformations are closed on-shell. Furthermore, we illustrate how these two separate set of transformations are related to each other. Finally, we investigate whether obtained supersymmetry transformations reproduce the known result of the higher spin gauge field theory in the helicity limit.

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