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Paper   IPM / Particles / 12258
School of Particles and Accelerator
  Title:   KKT11 PDFs from NLO Analysis of Deep-Inelastic World Data
1.  Ali Naghi Khorramian
2.  Hamzeh Khanpour
3.  Shahin Atashbar Tehrani
  Status:   In Proceedings
  Proceeding: The 2011 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics, EPS-HEP 2011
  Year:  2011
  Supported by:  IPM
In the present article, we extract new set of parton istribution functions (PDFs) of the proton, named KKT11, by global analysis of a wide range of the most recent neutral-current deepinelastic-scattering (NC DIS) and related hard scattering data in the ?fixed flavour number scheme? (FFNS). We find that recent DIS data sets beside a flexible PDF parametrizations for parton flavours (u, d, s, and g), can significantly improve the precision of parton distribution functions (PDFs) obtained from a fit to data. The present results in the fixed-flavour scheme are compared with those of the general-mass variable-flavour-number scheme, fixed-flavour scheme and other prescriptions used in global fits of PDFs. There are good agreement between the results

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