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           11:00 - 12:30     Technical Groups Meeting- Presentation About Alignment System (Vacuum Group)


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           14:30 - 16:00     Algebraic Geometry Webinar
The Hessian Map


In a joint work with C. Ciliberto we study the Hessian map h_{d,r} which associates to any hypersurface of degree d>=3 in P^r its Hessian hypersurface, which is the determinant of the Hessian matrix. We prove that h_{d,r} is generically finite unless h_{3,1}, and in the binary case h_{d,1} is birational onto its image if d>=5, which is sharp. We conjecture that h_{d,r} is birational onto its image unless h_{3,1}, h_{4,1} and h_{3,2}, these exceptional cases were well known in classical geometry. The first evidence for our conjecture is given by h_{3,3} (the case of cubic surfaces) which is again birational onto its image.