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           14:00 - 15:00     Combinatorics and Computing Weekly Seminar
An Introduction to Scientific Machine Learning


Scientific computing is a broad, multidisciplinary area that encompasses mathematics, computer science, and applications in science and engineering. This area makes use of the techniques of applied mathematics and computer science for the solution of scientific and engineering problems which are modeled by some differential equations. More recently, solving differential equations via learning methods emerged as a potentially new sub-field under the name of Scientific Machine Learning (SciML). This work advocates a fruitful synergy between machine learning and classical computational physics that has the potential to enrich both fields and lea ...

           15:30 - 17:30     Mathematical Logic Weekly Seminar
The Discontinuity Problem


We introduce the discontinuity problem and we prove that under the axiom of determinacy it is actually the weakest discontinuous problem in the topological Weihrauch lattice. We also discuss algebraic properties of the discontinuity problem, such as the fact that it parallelizes to the non-computability problem. We also introduce an operation that we call stashing and show that is dual to parallelization. We show that the discontinuity problem is the stashing of LLPO and several variants of it.

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           16:00 - 17:00     Mathematics Colloquium
Weighted Bounds for Singular Integral Operators


Singular integral operators are among important tools in harmonic analysis. In this talk, I will discuss the history and origins of these operators and give some examples. I will also describe the so-called ``Weight theory'' with an overview of some recent results on this subject.

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