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           15:00 - 16:30     Geometry and Topology Weekly Seminar
On the Stability of the Catenoid as a Solution of the Hyperbolic Vanishing Mean Curvature Flow


In this talk we discuss the stability of the Lorentzian catenoid as a solution of the hyperbolic vanishing mean curvature flow (HVMCF), with respect to non-symmetric perturbations. The HVMCF is the hyperbolic analogue of the classical minimal surface equation, or the parabolic mean curvature flow, and can be written as a quasilinear wave equation. The Riemannian catenoid gives rise to the Lorentzian catenoid as a "stationary" solution of this problem. Combined with the symmetries of the ambient 2n+2 dimensional space, this yields a 2n dimensional family of stationary solutions. When n is greater than or equal to five, we find a codim ...