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           11:00 - 12:00     Journal Club: Experiment & Phenomenology - google meet
How Temperature, Pressure, and Salt Concentration Affect Correlations in LiTFSI/EMIM-TFSI Electrolytes: A Molecular Dynamics Study


Classical polarizable molecular dynamics simulations have been performed for LiTFSI solutions in the EMIM-TFSI ionic liquid. Different temperature or pressure values and salt concentrations have been examined. The structure and dynamics of the solvation shell of Li+ cations, diffusion coefficients of ions, conductivities of the electrolytes, and correlations between motions of ions have been analyzed. The results indicated that regardless of the conditions, significant correlations are present in all systems. The degree of correlations depends mainly on the salt fraction in the electrolyte and is much less affected by temperature and pressure ...

           16:00 - 18:00     Biweekly Seminar
The Problem of Other Minds: A Phenomenological Approach


The Problem of Other Minds: A Phenomenological Approach

https://www.skyroom.online/ch/analyticphilosophy/imp-seminars-spring2022 ...