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           09:00 - 16:30     The 12th ILSF Users' Meeting


The meeting provides a unique forum for experienced as well as potential users of synchrotron light source in Iran to discuss the scientific, technical, and practical issues about the use of synchrotron radiation in basic science, engineering, and medicine.


           11:00 - 12:00     Wednesday Weekly Seminar - google meet
Universal Thermal Corrections to Symmetry-Resolved Entanglement Entropy and Full Counting Statistics


We consider the symmetry-resolved R'{e}nyi and entanglement entropies for two-dimensional conformal field theories on a circle at nonzero temperature. We assume a unique ground state with a nonzero mass gap induced by the system's finite size and then calculate the leading corrections to the contributions of individual charge sectors in a low-temperature expansion. Besides the size of the mass gap and the degeneracy of the first excited state, these universal corrections depend only on the four-point correlation function of the primary fields. We also obtain thermal corrections to the full counting statistics of the ground state and find that ...

           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
Investigation of Hyperbolic Plasmon Polaritons in a Td-WTe2 Single Layer


Natural hyperbolic two-dimensional systems are a fascinating class of materials that could open alternative pathways to manipulating plasmon propagation and light-matter interactions. Here, we present a comprehensive study of the optical response in Td -WTe2 by means of density-functional and many-body perturbation theories. We show how monolayer WTe2 with in-plane anisotropy sustains hyperbolic plasmon polaritons, which can be tuned via chemical doping and strain. The latter is able to extend the hyperbolic regime toward the near-infrared with low losses. Moreover, WTe2 can even be switched between elliptic and hyperbolic regimes with a mode ...

           16:30 - 18:30     Mathematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Bounding Nonminimality


James Freitag and I recently introduced what we call the �degree of nonminimality�. It measures, in some sense that I will make precise, how many parameters are needed to witness that a given finite rank type is not of rank 1. I will explain how the truth of the Borovik-Cherlin conjecture for algebraic homogeneous spaces, applied to binding group actions in certain totally transcendental theories of interest (namely DCF and CCM), leads to a useful bound on the degree of nonminimality. This is motivated by the search for new methods to verify the strong minimality of an algebraic differential equation.

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