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           09:00 - 16:00     Conference
29th IPM Physics Spring Conference


The 29th annual Physics Spring Conference of the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences will be held virtually on May 11-12, 2022 (21-22 Ordibehesht 1401). This conference is intended to bring together active researchers in all areas of theoretical and experimental physics. Interested participants are welcome to submit original research papers which will be presented in the form of poster in the conference. A few contributions will be selected for short contributed talks. All contributions will be subject to a review process and upon acceptance will appear in an electronic conference proceedings.

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           14:00 - 15:00     Combinatorics and Computing Weekly Seminar
Size Ramsey Number of Galaxies


Given graphs G, H and F, we say that F is Ramsey for (G, H) and we write F → (G, H), if for every edge coloring of F by red and blue, there is either a red copy of G or a blue copy of H in F. The size Ramsey number r?(G, H) is defined as the minimum number of edges of a graph F such that F → (G, H). In 1978, Burr, Erdős, Faudree, Rousseau and Schelp conjectured the exact value of r?(G, H), whenever G and H are two arbitrary galaxies. In this talk, we give a partial solution to the conjecture by proving it for many pairs (G, H) of star forests.

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           15:30 - 16:30     Mathematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Forcing a Club by a Generalized Fast Function


Three new proper posets are introduced. Each is made up of finite conditions and allows amalgamations. The first one forces a partial function whose domain is a closed and cofinal subset of the least uncountable cardinal. The other two incorporate the first and force either a continuous epsilon chain, or a symmetric family, of countable elementary substructures of a transitive model of a set theory, The symmetric family projects down to a gap one morass of Velleman.
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