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           16:00 - 17:00     IPM Holography virtual seminar
Meson Excitation Time as a Probe of Holographic Critical Point


Abstract: We study the time evolution of expectation value of Wilson loop as a non-local observable in a strongly coupled field theory with a critical point at finite temperature and nonzero chemical potential, which is dual to an asymptotically AdS charged black hole via gauge/gravity duality. Due to inject of energy into the plasma, the temperature and chemical potential increase to finite values and the plasma experiences an out-of-equilibrium process. By defining meson excitation time t_{ex} as a time at which the meson falls into the final excited state, we investigate the behavior of t_{ex} near the critical point as the system evolves ...

           16:30 - 18:00     Algebraic Geometry Biweekly Webinar
The Relation Type of Singular Space of Hypersurfaces


In this talk, we will introduce the notion of relation type of formal and analytic algebras and show that it is well defined by using of Andre-Quillen homology. In particular, the relation type is an invariant of an affine algebraic variety and a complex space germ. We will discuss and essay to explain the relation type of singular subscheme of isolated hypersurface singularities. This talk is based on joint ongoing work with Maryam Akhavin.


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           18:00 - 19:00     Weekly Seminar
HEPCo Group
Black Hole Thermodynamics: Then and Now



I will review the subject black hole thermodynamics as it developed in the 1970's, and then explain something of the more contemporary developments that revolve around a microscopic notion of "entropy".

Date: Tuesday, December 7th

18:00 p.m (Tehran time)

Please note the unusual time!

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