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           16:30 - 18:00     Algebraic Geometry Biweekly Webinar
2-Dimensional Stable Pairs on 4-Folds


I will discuss a 2-dimensional stable pair theory of nonsingular complex 4-folds that is parallel to Pandharipande-Thomas' 1-dimensional stable pair theory of 3-folds. The stable pairs of a 4-fold are related to its 2-dimensional subschemes via wall-crossings in the space of polynomial stability conditions. In Calabi-Yau case, Oh-Thomas theory is applied to define invariants counting these stable pairs under some restrains. This is a joint work with Yunfeng Jiang and Jason Lo.

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           17:00 - 18:00     IPM Holography virtual seminar
Distinguishability in Random States, Eigenstates, and Gravity


Abstract: Recently, there has been significant progress in solving the black hole information problem from explicit calculations of the entropy of Hawking radiation, confirming consistency of gravity with unitarity. One aspect of the information problem left unresolved by entropy calculations is the distinguishability of different black hole microstates: why do different microstates appear to lead to the same final (thermal) state? I will address this problem by studying the distinguishability of radiation coming from different black holes. In parallel, I will present a derivation of the subsystem eigenstate thermalization hypothesis for a cl ...