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           09:00 - 17:00     Workshop- skyroom
3rd International Workshop on Experimental Particle Physics: Detectors & Applied Electronics


Abstract: The third workshop intend to bring an update to the future developing of electronics with its application in high energy physics. We will also review the projects engaged in designing the electronic innovation, specially for the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HI-LHC) at CERN including ATLAS and CMS experiments.



           13:30 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar (Online)
Stochastic effects of electromagnetic fields in the early Universe


During this talk, I will review our recent works on stochastic formalism in the presence of electromagnetic fields in the early universe. I extend the stochastic formalism to the setup of the models containing a U(1) gauge field in order to revise Primordial magnetogenesis during inflation. I show that the stochastic noises of electromagnetic perturbations have significant effects on the dynamics of the system. These effects can not be neglected even in the leading order in contrast with the stochastic noises of the scalar fields. ...

           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group
Environmental fate of 2D materials in aquatic ecosystems: the case of graphene oxide 2D membranes


An increasing number of 2D materials are being deployed for different applications across energy generation, conversion and storage sectors. Among these materials, however, graphene oxide and not graphite oxide, as the most technologically relevant 2D material of choice for energy-related applications, has gained a stronghold and is near the final stage of commercialization ready to enter the mass market. This calls for a thorough understanding of the behaviour of this intriguing atomically thin material and possibly other members of the mushrooming family of 2D materials in aquatic environment as their toxicity can easily p ...

           15:30 - 17:30     Mathematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Semantics of Boolean-valued Models and their Connection and Application to the Standard Model of Set Theory


This talk has two parts. In the first part, we will explore some basic aspects of the semantics in Boolean-valued models using tools developed in conditional set theory. The focus will be on Boolean-valued models built from measure algebras. We will describe some basic definitions and theorems in the naive set theory, topology, measure theory, and functional analysis in such models and show with a few examples how such Boolean-valued theorems can be proved from first things and by hand using Boolean reasoning and the exhaustion principle (and without employing a transfer principle). In the second part of the talk, we will interpret some of ...

           16:30 - 18:00     Online Seminar - Ecological perspectives on the neural machinery for communication and cooperation

Description :

ECognitive neuroscientists are trained to use clever experimental manipulations to decompose complex cognitive phenomenalike languageinto simpler, more manageable components. Drawing on parallels with machine learning and evolutionary biology, I advocate for a complementary approach that puts ecological considerations at the forefront. To make this more concrete, I provide two examples of this approach from my own work. First, I introduce the "Narratives" data collectiona well-curated community benchmark dataset comprising over 800 naturalistic fMRI scans acquired while participants listened to a varie ...

           16:30 - 18:30     Commutative Algebra Webinar
Smooth Hilbert Schemes


How can we understand all saturated homogeneous ideals in a poly- nomial ring? Hilbert schemes give a geometric answer to this question. After surveying some key features of these natural parameter spaces, we present a complete classification of the smooth Hilbert schemes. Time permitting, we will also reinterpret the smooth Hilbert schemes as suitable generalizations of partial ag varieties. This talk is based on joint work with Roy Skjelnes (KTH).

Meeting ID: 875 4619 4914
Passcode: 474975 ...