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           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
HEPCo Group
Unearthing String Theory In Supersymmetric Field Theories With Compact Moduli


I will review some universal features of quantum gravity and use them to narrow the space of field theories with minimal supersymmetry in d > 6. We will see that the restrictions in 9d do not allow theories that have not been already realized in string theory. This observation demonstrates the validity of the String Lamppost Principle that all consistent theories of quantum gravity are in the String Landscape.

Date: Tuesday, November 23th
2:00 p.m (Tehran time)

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           15:00 - 17:00     Number Theory Webinar
Bounds on Point-conic Incidences over Finite Fields and Applications


I will begin with a brief overview of some well-known results in incidence geometry and go on to discuss a recent joint work with Thang Pham and Audie Warren, in which we prove upper bounds on the number of incidences between sets of points and conics over finite fields. I will conclude the talk by considering applications to certain finite field variants of ErdH{o}s type problems on the number of distinct algebraic distances formed by point sets, including improvements to results of Koh and Sun (2014) and Shparlinski (2006).

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           18:00 - 19:00     IPM Holography virtual seminar
Spacing Statistics of Energy Spectra: Random Matrices, Black Hole Thermalization, and Echoes


Abstract: Recent advances in AdS/CFT suggest that the near-horizon dynamics of black holes can be described by unitary random matrix systems. Motivated by these developments, I will discuss how the energy spectrum of a system with a generic random Hamiltonian matrix affects its early and late time thermalization behaviour using the spectral form factor (which captures the time-dependence of two-point correlation functions) and connect it to the discussion of gravitational wave echoes. In particular, I will demonstrate that it is possible for quantum chaotic systems to exhibit echoes if the energy spectrum contains many clusters of eigenvalues ...