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           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
HEPCo Group
Spacetime singularities and a novel formulation of indeterminism



In this talk, I shall start with a review on spacetime singularities in general relativity (GR) and (in)determinism in a general physical theory. Then, I will try to argue for two claims: (i) The old fashioned formulation of determinism (i.e. the Laplacian determinism) faces some shortcomings and its useful to consider a broader notion of (in)determinism, leading to a novel formulation of it. (ii) Spacetime singularities are, in different ways, sources of indeterminism in GR, in particular, if the broader notion of indeterminism is taken into account.

Date: Tuesday, 9 February


           18:30 - 20:30     IPM-SUT Joint IRQM Webinars on Quark matter and Relativistic hydrodynamics
Statistical hadronization model for heavy-ion collisions in the few-GeV energy regime


Abstract: We show that the transverse-mass and rapidity spectra of protons and pions produced in Au-Au collisions at sNN=2.4 GeV can be well reproduced in a thermodynamic model assuming single freeze-out of particles from a spherically symmetric hypersurface. This scenario corresponds to a physical picture used by Siemens and Rasmussen in the original formulation of the blast-wave model. Our framework modifies and extends this approach by incorporation of a Hubble-like expansion of QCD matter and inclusion of resonance decays. In particular, the ?(1232) resonance is taken into account, with a width obtained from the virial expansion. Altogeth ...