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           11:00 - 12:00     Wednesday Weekly Seminar-skyroom
Complexity for charged thermofield double states


Abstract: We study Nielsen s circuit complexity for a charged thermofield double state
(cTFD) of free complex scalar quantum field theory in the presence of background electric field. We show that the ratio of the complexity of formation for cTFD state to the thermo-dynamic entropy is finite and it depends just on the temperature and chemical potential. Moreover, this ratio smoothly approaches the value for real scalar theory. We compare our field theory calculations with holographic complexity of charged black holes and confirm that the same cost function which is used for neutral case continues to work in presence of U(1) background ...

           13:30 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar (Online)
Vector dark matter production from inflation with symmetry breaking


We present a scenario of vector dark matter production from symmetry breaking at the end of inflation in which the accumulated energy density of the quantum fluctuations of a dark gauge field is the origin of the dark matter relic energy density today. The inflaton is a real scalar field while a heavy complex scalar field, such as the waterfall of hybrid inflation, is charged under the dark gauge field. After the heavy field becomes tachyonic, rolling rapidly towards its global minima, the dark photon acquires a dynamical mass at the end of inflation. The setup can generate the observed dark matter abundance with the reheat temperature of ...

           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Webinar
Quantum-mechanical characterization of interfacial processes on the cathode of Li-S batteries during discharge


Quantum-mechanical characterization of interfacial processes on the cathode of Li-S batteries during discharge


Increasing global energy demand brings about the need for more efficient energy-storage devices which are not only capable of storing significant amount of energy but also have low manufacturing costs. Lithium-based energy-storage devices have been serving our electric devices since 1970s. Now with the energy density of a typical Li-ion battery reaching a saturating value, new types of rechargeable batteries are highly ask for. Sulfur with its high theoretical lithium capacity of 1675 mAh ...

           15:30 - 17:30     Mathtematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Model Theory of Adeles


In these talks I will present joint works with Angus Macintyre on model theory of adeles of number fields. The ring of adeles of a global field was introduced independently in different contexts by Weil, Chevalley, and Artin. It has revolutionized modern number theory in various aspects. In the first talk, I shall present results on quantifier elimination and decidability for adeles and for general restricted products of structures, and as a consequence, solution to a problem of Ax from 1968 on decidability of the class of all the residue rings of the integers. In the second talk, I will present results on elementary equivalence in a ...

           16:00 - 17:30     Theoretical Neuroscience Journal Club Online

Simulation of a retinal bipolar cell located in an external electric field; a retinal implant approach


Organized by: School of Cognitive Sciences
to receive the link to join online, please send email to theoretical.neurosci.ipm@gmail.com


The output of retinal bipolar neurons has two components; transient and sustained outputs, that are unique between most of the neurons. The uniqueness originates from the existence of an extra protein structure called ribbon. Transient outputs are taken place exactly after a large enough stimulus while sustained outputs are taken place at any state with different rates. We presented two mathematical frameworks for the cells output to study the gene ...