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           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar (TWS)-skyroom
Gauges and Symmetries


Abstract: In this talk, I will review the notion of gauge symmetries and gauge redundancies in the gauge systems with boundaries. I start with some toy models and some intuitions. Then I review the first and second and the new generalized Noether theorems.
Then I go over the covariant phase space method as a formalism for obtaining charges (and their algebra) of global and gauge symmetries as the generators on associated phase space.

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           18:00 - 19:00     Commutative Algebra Webinars
Laurent Series and Asymptotic Behavior of Ext over Graded Complete Intersections


Let R be a graded commutative ring generated over a field by finitely many
homogeneous elements of positive degree. Work of Avramov, Buchweitz and Sally shows
that, under certain assumptions, the Laurent series expansions around 1 of the Hilbert series
of two graded R-modules and those of some of their Ext modules are related. When R is a
complete intersection, we show that such relations are connected to the asymptotic behavior
of the Ext modules. (This is joint work with David A. Jorgensen and Peder Thompson.)

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