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           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar (TWS)-skyroom
On the asymptotic safety and the asymptotic safe gravity


Abstract: The Weinberg's asymptotic safety conjecture predicts that the quantum theory does not diverge if its running coupling tends to a non-Gaussian fixed point at the UV limit. Using the functional renormalization group methods, Reuter predicts antiscreening terms for the gravitational running coupling which tends to mentioned non-Gaussian fixed point.
Although it is expected that studying the effects of this renormalization method could be done by studying the solution of the exact renormalization group equation, effective average action, but, it seems too complicate to derive if not impossible. Thus, it is claimed that the improv ...

           15:00 - 17:00     Weekly Seminar
Foundations of Physics Group
Is the moon there when nobody looks?


The title of the talk is a quote from Einstein in challenging the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, where it is believed that physical realities before measurement do not exist. Where does this idea come from? How much reliable is it? In the case where physical realities do exist before measurement, what are their properties? These questions are among those that we are going to deal with in the coming presentation. In this regard, after introducing the framework of the ontological models of quantum mechanics, we will look at the reality of the wave function, completeness of the wave function, locality, contextua ...

           18:00 - 19:00     Commutative Algebra Webinars
Cellular Resolutions of Powers of Monomial Ideals of Projective Dimension One


One of the most fruitful directions in the study of monomial ideals is finding
topological objects whose chain maps can be adapted to a free resolution of the ideal. The
catalyst of this approach was the Taylor resolution of a monomial ideal, which is supported
on a simplicial complex, but is largely non-minimal. While not all monomial ideals have
minimal free resolutions supported on a simplicial (or even CW) complex, it is known that a
square-free monomial ideal of projective dimension one has a minimal free resolution
supported on a tree. We show that the powers of such an ideal have minimal free r ...