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Charm-anticharm asymmetry in the nucleon from lattice QCD


Based on : some papers

Abstract: The first lattice QCD calculation of the charm quark contribution to the nucleon electromagnetic form factors $G^2_{E,M}(Q^2)$ in the momentum transfer range 0?Q^2?1.4 GeV^2. The quark mass dependence, finite lattice spacing, and volume corrections are taken into account simultaneously based on the calculation on three gauge ensembles including one at the physical pion mass. The nonzero value of the charm magnetic moment ?^c_M=?0.00127(38)stat(5)sys, as well as the Pauli form factor, reflects a nontrivial role of the charm sea in the nucleon spin structure. The nonzero $G^c_{E}(Q^2) indicat ...