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           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar (TWS)-skyroom
Deformation of Asymptotic/Near horizon Symmetry Algebras


Abstract: In continuation of my previous talk, I am going to explore the deformations of BMS4 algebra which is asymptotic symmetry of 4d flat space-time. I will show that although the ideal part of the BMS4 is rigid, it is not generally rigid and can be deformed into the four parameters family algebra W(a,b;bar{a},bar{b}). I will next explain the physical realization of this family algebra. I will also consider deformations of centrally extended BMS4 and W(a,b;bar{a},bar{b}) algebras. Then, I will study the deformations of infinite enhancement of 3d Maxwell algebra known as mathfrak{Max}3. Formal deformations of its ideal part lead to obtaini ...