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           09:00 - 17:00     Spring Conference
27th IPM Physics Spring Conference


The 27th annual Physics Spring Conference of the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences will be held virtually on June 24-25, 2020 (4-5 Tir 1399). This conference is intended to bring together active researchers in all areas of theoretical and experimental physics. Interested participants are welcome to submit original research papers which will be presented in the form of poster in the conference. A few contributions will be selected for short contributed talks. All contributions will be subject to a review process and upon acceptance will appear in an electronic conference proceedings.

           15:30 - 17:30     Mathtematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Dynamic Topological Logic


Abstract: Dynamic (topological) systems are mathematical models of change or movement in space which have applications in various branches of mathematics and the physical sciences. Formally, they consist of pairs (X,S), where X is a topological space and S: X->X is continuous. From a modal logic perspective this natually leads to a combination of spatial and temporal modal logics called Dynamic Topological Logic (DTL).
In this two-day course we will cover the main results and techniques leading up to the state of the art in the field of Dynamic Topological Logic. The proposed schecule is as follows.
DAY 1 (24/06/2020)
           16:00 - 17:30     Theoretical Neuroscience Journal Club Online
Uncoupling the roles of firing rates and spike bursts in shaping the STN-GPe beta band oscillations


Organized by: School of Cognitive Sciences
to receive the link to join online, please send email to theoretical.neurosci.ipm@gmail.com


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