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           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar(TWS)
Non-Minimal M-flation


Abstract: We show how in a matrix inflationary model in which there is a non-minimal coupling between the matrix inflatons and gravity, which we call non-$mathbb{M}$-flation for brevity, some of the disadvantages of the minimal model, $Mathbb{M}$-flation, can be avoided. In particular, the number of D3 branes can be reduced substantially to $lesssim mathcal{O}(10^2)$ which can alleviate the ``potential'' backreaction problem of large number of D3 branes on the background geometry. This is achieved by values of non-minimal coupling of order few hundred, which is much smaller than what is required in Higgs Inflation. The prediction of the mode ...