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           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar(TWS)
Covariant phase space in spacetimes with boundaries


Abstract: The covariant phase space formalism is an elegant way to construct the Hamiltonian dynamics of Lagrangian field theories without breaking covariance. It has been fruitful in various areas, such as black hole entropy, asymptotic conserved charges in theories of gravity as well as recent discussions of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Although the main developments of the formalism had been made in the 80s and 90s, a concise treatment of the (spatial) boundaries within that has been just recently carried out, leading to the removal of some confusing ambiguities. In this talk I will review the essentials of covariant phase space formalism a ...

           14:00 - 16:00     Mathtematical Logic Weekly Seminar
The Convex Hull of Finitely Generable Subsets and its Predicate Transformer


Non robustness and imprecise inputs leads to unstable and inconsistent results in computations. We studied a theoretical model which uses domains as representation structure and ensures robustness and computability in geometric objects and algorithms. I will talk about our recent results on this model and particularly about convex hull problem.
We consider the domain of non-empty convex and compact subsets of a finite dimensional Euclidean space to represent partial or imprecise points in computational geometry. The convex hull map on such imprecise points is given domain-theoretically by an inner and an outer convex hull. We show tha ...