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           15:00 - 16:00     Weekly Seminar
The effect of un-integrated parton distribution functions on the EMC ratios of 4He and 6Li nuclei at the small x region


Abstract: In this talk, I intend to investigate the un-integrated parton distribution functions (UPDFs) of Helium-4 and Lithium-6 nuclei, which depend not only on the longitudinal momentum fraction x (the Bjorken variable) and the factorization scale Q of partons, but also on their transverse momentum (kt). The KMR and MRW procedures are applied to generate the kt-dependent parton distributions from the familiar integrated parton densities (PDFs), which can be determined by using the constituent quark exchange model (CQEM). Afterwards, from the kt-factorization formalism, the structure functions (SFs) of above-mentioned nuclei are computed to ...