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           10:00 - 11:00     Weekly Seminar
On using gene genealogies to find trait-influencing variants


We propose an approach to fine-mapping the genomic location of a trait-influencing variant. Through simulation, we investigate the properties of the approach for binary and quantitative disease traits in diploid individuals that have been sampled for a case-control study. For genetically heterogeneous traits that are influenced by many rare variants, we find that the approach can be improved by reclassifying case haplotypes according to their inferred carrier status. We show that such reclassification can help in localizing trait variants across the targeted genomic region. ...

           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar(TWS)
Higher spin and continuous (infinite) spin gauge field theories


Abstract: In this talk, we will review the theory of massless higher spin gauge fields by focusing on the Fronsdal formulation. We then present the massive higher spin theory and, by taking a limit, we shall get the continuous (infinite) spin gauge field theory. Continuous spin filed interactions with matter will be shortly discussed as well.

Larak Seminar Room