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           12:00 - 13:15     Analysis Seminar
Function Spaces on Locally Compact Quantum Groups


In this talk we review preliminiars of locally compact quantum groups from harmonic analysis prespective. Then we define function spaces $ap(L^1(mathbb{G}))$, $wap(L^1(mathbb{G}))$ and $luc(L^1(mathbb{G}))$ on locally compact quantum group $mathbb{G}$ and characterize them in the language of locally compact quantum groups. Classically, $ap(G)$, $wap(G)$ and $luc(G)$ are $m-$admissible $C^*-$algebra. We also attempt to find conditions that force these function spaces to be $C^*-$algebra. In this direction, we characterize the biggest $C^*-$algebra inside $wap(L^1(mathbb{G}))$ and find a mild condition with which $luc(L^1(mathbb{G}))$ is a $C^ ...