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           11:00 - 12:00     Journal Club: Experiment & Phenomenology
On the Impact of Dimension-Eight SMEFT Operators on Higgs Measurements


Based on: 1808.00442 [hep-ph],

Abstract: "I will discuss effective operators basis that are controlled by conformal representations and generated by Hilbert series. In this paper authors quantify the effects of dimension-8 by turning on one dimension-6 operator at a time and setting all dimension-8 operator coefficients to the same magnitude. Under this procedure and given the current accuracy on (pp h W +), they find the effect of dimension-8 operators on the inferred new physics scale to be small, O(few %) with some variation depending on the relative signs of the dimension-8 coefficients and on which dimension-6 operator ...

           16:00 - 18:00     Biweekly Seminar
Wright on Davidson's Account of Self-Knowledge


Wright on Davidson's Account of Self-Knowledge ...