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           11:00 - 12:00     Theory Weekly Seminar(TWS)
N-Partite Information of the BMS invariant field theory (BMSFT)


Asymptotically flat spacetimes are holographically dual to the field theories which are BMS-invariant and we call them BMSFT. The situation is similar to the AdS/CFT correspondence, i.e. the asymptotic symmetry of the (d+1)-dimensional asymptotically flat spacetimes is the same as the exact symmetry of the dual field theory which is known as Flat/BMSFT duality. In the context of flat holography, we study holographic description of some BMSFT observables. An interesting non-local observable in field theory, with a well-known dual gravity description, is the entanglement entropy. For a given subsystem A with its complement the entanglement ...