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           11:00 - 12:00     Particles Phenomenology Journal Club
Disentangling Higgs-Top Couplings in Associated Production


based on:

[arXiv: 1312.5736 [hep-ph]

Larak Seminar Room

           14:00 - 15:00     Lecture
Mathematical study of free-surface fluids in incompressible dynamics


First, we consider a model called the Green?Naghdi (GN) equations. Similarly to the non-linear shallow water system (also called Saint-Venant system), the Green?Naghdi equations is a shallow water approximation of water waves problem. Indeed, GN equation is one order higher in approximation compared to Saint-Venant system. For this reason, it contains all the terms this latter system in addition to some non-linear third order dispersive terms. In other words, the GN equations is a dispersive perturbation of the Saint-Venant system. The latter system is hyperbolic and fits the general framework developed in the literature for hyperbolic system ...

           15:00 - 16:00     Lecture
A nonlinear tree-parenchyma model for airflow modeling


The aim of this work is airflow modeling and especially the numerical reproduction of spirometry tests, used in clinical routines, where forced respiration maneuvers are done by the patient. During these maneuvers, the pulmonary tissue endures large deformations. We suppose here that parenchyma is a Saint-Venant Kirchhoff elastic material irrigated by bronchial tree which is assumed to be rigid. This tree is modeled by a resistance network of Poiseuille or Pedley type [2]. Therefore, the irrigation of parenhcyma by the bronchial tree is modeled by the presence of a dissipative term in the equations satisfied by the material. In a recent work ...