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           15:00 - 16:30     Special Seminar
DNA translocation through a nanopore


DNA translocation through a nanopore

Translocation of a DNA through a nanopore has been suggested as a rapid and cheap method for DNA sequencing. Motivated by that, we study the translocation of a DNA (coarse grained semi-flexible homopolymer) through a nanopore under an external driving force by means of both modified version of the iso-flux tension propagation theory (IFTP), and extensive molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.
To properly describe the translocation process, we show that for DNAs with a finite persistence length p the trans side friction must be explicitly taken into account. In addition, knowing R N ( ...

           15:30 - 16:30     Weekly Seminar
Phenomenological study of forward neutron production in DIS at HERA and determination of neutron fracture functions


In recent years, several dedicated experiments at the e^- p collider HERA have collected high precision data on the spectrum of leading-neutron and leading-proton carrying a large fraction of the protons energy. We propose a phenomenological study based on the fractures functions framework and extract the neutron fracture functions (neutron FFs) from global QCD analysis of leading-neutron production data measured by H1 and ZEUS collaborations. We show that an approach based on the fracture functions formalism allows us phenomenologically parametrize the neutron FFs at the input scale Q^2_0. The theory predictions based on the obtained neutro ...