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“School of Cognitive Sciences”

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Paper   IPM / Cognitive Sciences / 7643
School of Cognitive Sciences
  Title:   Brain Complexity Increases in Mania
1.  B. Bahrami
2.  R. Seyedsadjadi
3.  B. Babadi
4.  M. Noroozian
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Neuroreport
  No.:  16
  Vol.:  2
  Year:  2005
  Pages:   187-191
  Supported by:  IPM
An important challenge in measuring whole brain activation is to develop a measure that could distinguish between normal and abnormal mood states. The application of chaos theory and non-linear dynamics to problems in biological sciences has resulted in a growing body of advancements and the notion of brain as a complex, non-linear system has attracted physicists, mathematicians, biologists and psychologists alike. To search for a correlation between alterations in chaotic brain states and mood disorders, we compared the fractal dimension of the electroencephalographic (EEG) signal in patients going through the manic episode of Bipolar Mood Disorder (BMD) type I to a control group of healthy adults and showed that the EEG fractal dimension is significantly augmented in our patients. Thus, for the first time, we draw a clear objective distinction between normal and abnormal mood and associated brain states

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