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Paper   IPM / Cognitive Sciences / 15926
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  Title:   Temporary inactivation of interpeduncular nucleus impairs long but not short term plasticity in the perforant-path dentate gyrus synapses in rats
1.  L. Khatami
2.  V. Safari
3.  F. Motamedi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Behavioural Brain Research
  Vol.:  337
  Year:  2020
  Supported by:  IPM
The interconnectivity of the hippocampus, interpeduncular nucleus (IPN) and several brain structures which areinvolved in modulating hippocampal theta rhythm activity makes a complicated dynamic network of inter-connected regions and highlights the role of IPN in the hippocampal dependent learning and memory. In thepresent study we aimed to address whether IPN is involved in the perforant path-dentate gyrus (PPeDG) shortterm and long term synaptic plasticity in rats. To silent IPN transiently, lidocaine was injected through theimplanted cannula above the IPN. To evaluate short term plasticity, paired pulses stimulation of PPeDG sy-napses were used upon IPN temporary inactivation. Furthermore, long term plasticity was investigated bymeasuring the induction and maintenance of PPeDG synapses long term potentiation (LTP) after high frequencystimulation (HFS) of the mentioned pathway following to IPN inactivation. The results showed that IPN re-versible inactivation had no effect on short term plasticity of PPeDG synapses. However, IPN inactivation beforethe PPeDG high frequency stimulation could significantly suppress both the population spike (PS) and fEPSP-LTP induction compared to the saline group. Conversely, IPN inactivation had no significant effect on main-tenance of both PS-LTP and fEPSP-LTP. All together our study suggests the contribution of IPN in the PPeDGsynaptic plasticity and excitability of DG granule cells which could be through direct and/or indirect pathwaysfrom IPN to the hippocampus.

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