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Paper   IPM / CMNL / 14912
Condensed Matter National Laboratory
  Title:   Multi-porous Co3O4 nanoflakes @ sponge-like fewlayer partially reduced graphene oxide hybrids: towards highly stable asymmetric supercapacitors
1.  Mohammad Qorbani.
2.  Tsu-chin Chou.
3.  Yi-Hsin Lee.
4.  Satyanarayana Samireddi.
5.  Naimeh Naseri.
6.  Abhijit Ganguly.
7.  Ali Esfandiar.
8.  Chen-Hao Wang.
9.  Li-Chyong Chen.
10.  Kuei-Hsien Chen.
11.  Alireza Z. Moshfegh.
  Status:   Published
  Journal: J. Mater. Chem. A
  Vol.:  5
  Year:  2017
  Pages:   12569-12577
  Publisher(s):   Royal Society of Chemistry
  Supported by:  IPM
The controlled growth of metal oxide nanostructures within hierarchically porous conductive carbon-based frameworks is critically important to achieving high volumetric performance and appropriate channel size for energy storage applications. Herein, we grow cobalt oxide (Co3O4) nanoflakes, using a sequential-electrodeposition process, into spherically porous sponge-like few-layer partially reduced graphene oxide (SrGO) synthesized by template-directed ordered assembly. Maximum specific/volumetric capacitances of 1112 F gCo3O4^-1 (at 3.3 A gCo3O4^-1), 178 F cm^-3 (at 2.6 A cm^-2), and 406 F gtotal^-1 (at 1 A gtotal^-1) and sensible rate capability (80

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