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“Papers of School of Mathematics”

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  1. E. Eftekhary (Joint with A. Alishahi),
On the construction of the sutured Floer complex,
in: Proceedings of the Gokova Geometry-topology conference 2013, , 2021, pp. 97-109  [abstract]

   2. M. Ghari (Joint with F. L. G. Faroldi, E. Lehmann, and Th. Studer),
Impossible and conflicting obligations in justification logic,
in: Deontoc Logic and Normative Systems, , 2020, pp.   [abstract]

   3. A. Nozad (Joint with C. Florentino, J. Silva, and A. Zamora),
On Hodge polynomials of singular character varieties,
in: Proceedings of the 12th ISAAC congress in its current form, , 2020, pp.   [abstract]

   4. S. Saeedi Madani,
Binomial edge ideals: A survey,
in: Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, 238, 2018, pp. 83-94  [abstract]

   5. R. Rezaeian Farashahi (Joint with M. Fadavi and S. Sabbaghian),
Injective encodings to binary ordinary elliptic curves,
in: Proceedings of SAC 2018, , 2018, pp.   [abstract]

   6. R. Rezaeian Farashahi (Joint with M. Fadavi and A. Yazdani Kashani),
Uniform encodings to elliptic curves over finite fields,
in: Proceedings of the tenth international workshop on coding and cryptography (WCC2017), , 2017, pp.   [abstract]

   7. R. Rezaeian Farashahi (Joint with S. Gholamhossein Hosseini),
Differential addition on twisted Edwards curves,
in: LNCS, , 2017, pp.   [abstract]

   8. A. Hashemi (Joint with W. M. Seiler),
Dimension-dependent upper bounds for Grobner bases,
in: Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Inernational Symposium on symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC'17), , 2017, pp. 189-196  [abstract]

   9. M. Ghari (Joint with S. Bucheli and T. Studer),
Temporal Justification Logic,
in: Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 243, 2017, pp. 59-74  [abstract]

   10. S. Beigi, O. Etesami and A. Gohari,
The value of information-theoretic content of help bits for computation,
in: Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory (IWCIT), DOI: 10.1109/IWCIT.2015.7140205, 2015, pp. 1-3  [abstract]

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